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So in the UK its mother's day I had to find my own gifts and had my partner choose between them to get me some for my first mother's day, the gifts aren't my issue I love them and he chose my favourite 2 of the 5 I picked out What I am disappointed with is our little one woke up at 5am this morning and I asked if he would be the one to get up with him and he did. Once I got up though he complained that he was tired and had only had around 5 hours sleep (he takes ages to fall asleep and is easily woken up and then it takes a while to fall back to sleep) All day long he's been grumpy and in a bad mood with me and with everyone else (except for our little one) He didn't say "Happy mothers day" to me at all and at around 4pm he messaged me to come upstairs (he'd gone for a nap with the baby) and he asked if I was still in a bad mood and I said yes. I went back down and about 20 mins later he sent me a photo of me and the baby edited to say happy first mother's day All day I've been seeing people's SOs post about their partner and talk about how fantastic of a mother they are Am I wrong for just wanting more from him and for wanting a better mood even though he's very tired?
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Not at all, I could have written this myself. I’m so deflated today & LO must have picked up on it cos it’s taken me 3 fecking hours to get her to bed 😩 social media is quick to make you feel shit about yourself so don’t believe half of what you’re seeing. All that matters is you’re a bloody fantastic mama & your little one adores you! ❤️

@Moira it's so shit to see others doting on their SOs isn't it 😭 wouldn't have been so bad if he wasn't a moody bastard all day and basically blamed me for his tiredness 3 hours! But you've got your LO to sleep so that's a great feat. Amazing patience!

No of course not your first Mother’s Day is honestly the most special , you want the recognition for all the sleepless nights and dirty diapers etc. He could’ve done something small and I’m sure it would’ve meant the world some men just really don’t understand what certain things mean to us

In the same boat today! My partner messaged ‘happy Mother’s Day mum & mol’ in the group chat to me and his mum, I was annoyed because don’t I deserve my own bloody Mother’s Day post?! He then worked in our garden for the day so I basically spent the day on my own with our baby and dog whereas I thought we’d have a family day! Not how I expected my first Mother’s Day to be at all!! X

@Sorocly I'm usually the same but as it was my first mother's day I just wanted it to feel a little more special and not have to deal with a grump all day 😅 Your relationship sounds very healthy and I'm glad you are appreciated everyday as you deserve ❤️

@Molly exactly! You do deserve your own post! A first mother's day is very special and we won't get another one (a first to another child maybe but not as a mum) I wouldn't have been too bothered if it wasn't my first one, I didn't even expect anything amazing just a nice relaxed day spent all together

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