5 days ago

Early teething

So my little boy is 5.5 months and has just cut his 6th tooth. I don’t know anyone whose babies have cut so many teeth this early and was just wondering if anyone experienced this as well? I’m hoping he’ll have a break now but I’m not sure if they’re going to keep coming. He’s been teething since he was 10 weeks old and we’re exhausted 😂
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4 hours ago

Unfortunately no break for us, canines and and bottom 2nd incisor coming through in one go 😭

4 days ago

Hiya, yes my little boy was an early teether too st 3.5months, we then went through the 4 month sleep regression and wasn’t sure if it was due to teething or natural sleep regression. It has been exhausting, especially at nighttime’s but he’s 15 months old now and it’s easier to see the signs, he has calpol when it’s really bad as it hurts into his head and ears, poor boy. Hopefully it means it will be out of the way earlier than others? I’ll have to try anbesol, we use the teething powders too and I think they help but not 100% sure

5 days ago

Mine was early too, his first tooth was before 4 months, he’s now 9 months and has 8 teeth. I feel like he’s also pretty much continuously teething but luckily the teething powder seems to do the trick and maybe anbesol when it’s at it worst x

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