Just want to put it out there....

Having a very difficult crush on a work collegue who i think feels the same too.. but i dont know. We see ea h other 2-3 days in a week - he doesnt text off work. - always has lunch with me. - leave office together - love spending time -we laugh and say it really is the happiest part of our week. - love buying each other food things at lunch. - walks with me to private areas around office and edges closely... holds hands but makes no move. What is going on here? Should i always be the one who says there are feelings going on or i leave it to him. He is older by 8 years.
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I just find it very confusing.

He doesnt want to make a further move but he also doesnt let me go...

Could it be that he's married? I think it'll be a good idea to ask if this is going somewhere or just friends. That way you don't waste your time and feelings.

^ I agree with her but he could like someone else more but is keeping you on the side just in case

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