I want to take my 6 month old out more but I’m nervous about a lot because it’d just be me and him. I was thinking camping for a night or just an easy hike but Im not sure how to with just myself and him.
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I did it recently and had no issues. I took plenty of toys I packed his lunch , I had a play pen as well. The hiking part was probably the easiest because I just strapped him to my chest and he was just excited to be moving around so much lol. I will say I had to take water breaks a little more than I usually wood because my boy is pretty chunky lol but all around it was an easy trip.

Start with the easy hike. Strap that little baby to you (either a baby bookbag or wrap) and go for it. Take snacks and water. They enjoy all the movement and looking at stuff. We take ours outdoors as much as possible

I’m not mom shaming nor am I saying this to scare anyone. Get a goood hiking bag for your baby. I was hiking with my daughter with my osprey and thank god she was in that and not a wrap. I fell unexpectedly almost down a mountain. I thought for sure I hurt my daughter I was crying as soon as it happened. My mom watched the entire thing. She said it was so scary. The ONLY thing that protected my daughter was that bag. Had she been in something else I probably would have hurt her If not worse. I’m a single mom. Hiking alone is what I do. I bring my daughter and dogs and I also conceal carry!

So we took our baby girl camping at one month old, it was a blast. We just booked another trip and now she is 10 months old! These are the moments I look forward too! Just have fun!

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