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  • Santa Monica, United States
  • 6 months ago

Okay, mamas! Wedding season is upon us. Should kids be invited to weddings?

do you go if they didn’t get an invite?? Would love your thoughts. On one hand, weddings are expensive. I didn’t have kids at my wedding. But now, as a mama, I feel slighted when my kids don’t get an invite. Just on my mind. I read this article and I like her rule. What are some other rules you’ve seen or heard when it comes to inviting kids to weddings? https://www.popsugar.com/family/Should-Kids-Allowed-Weddings-46189939
  • J
  • CO, US
  • 6 months ago

We invited kids to our wedding, but that is because most of the kids in our family are older. We were recently invited to my cousins wedding, that is allowing kids, we are choosing not to bring our son because it will be crazy. They are having a backyard wedding of 75 guests in a tiny yard. I'm scared my son will get hurt. If it was in a bigger area I might bring him.

  • Andria
  • New Port Richey, United States
  • 6 months ago

We went to 2 weddings this year that were “no kids allowed” I feel it’s THEIR wedding- their choice- we didn’t have any issues with their choices as it was a nice break to focus on us. We missed her like crazy, but it was nice for a few days just to reconnect with friends and for my husband and I to reconnect on an “us” level while we went away. We personally didn’t have a wedding, we just eloped in Vegas which no one understood- but it was our wedding and we did what was right for us, just like the choices people make for their special day. To each their own ❤️

  • M
  • MI, US
  • 6 months ago

We attended a wedding of our mutual friends with our then four month old. The bride and groom expressed their excitement to meet our son in advance so we understood that we were all welcome. My husband and I just received an invitation for another wedding. My son will be eight months when the time comes. The invite had just our names, said nothing about no children, but does look to be a very fancy event. I reached out to my friend, the groom, to inquire if the event is indeed adults only. He responded that it wasn't and that he and his bride to be were looking forward to meeting our son. They were expecting others to bring their children as well. In this case it was simply an etiquette misunderstanding since our son wasn't explicitly named on the invite. The groom assumed my son would be coming. I'm so glad I asked because otherwise I would likely have not felt comfortable enough to leave my son with anyone for the out of state wedding and would have missed my friend's wedding.

  • T
  • CA
  • 6 months ago

I had kids at my wedding reception. I was scared at first because I was thinking what if they cause too much trouble. But I didnt have the heart to say no kids. It was actually amazing with the kids! The little kids danced with us and it was so cute and fun. Made for some amazing photos too. The older kids just sat at the table the whole time and the people with kids went home faster too. Except for close family members with kids. I know it depends on the person. If you know the people you are inviting have very badly behaved kids, then I get it, it's a tough call.

  • A
  • Preston, United Kingdom
  • 6 months ago

We’re only having children who are related to us at our wedding. Mainly because we wouldn’t take ours to anyone else’s wedding and it makes it more expensive x

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