When did you get your dye stealer?

4 weeks today and feel like I am close but haven’t gotten one yet
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I'm using that same brand and just had my first positive test yesterday ☺️


I’m 6 weeks and still haven’t gotten one🤷🏽‍♀️

I got my dye stealer at 5w and 3days. Got my first positive at like 3w exactly. Was the most faint positive but it was there

Probably a dumb question but what is dye stealer or what does it mean? I'm a first time mom. So, some of the things I see on here are new to me.

@Layla i’m pretty sure it means that the test line (left) is as dark as the control line (right). i could be wrong but i’m 99% sure lol x

Hmm. So one all tests or just the straps? And what's it mean when u do have a dye stealer? Lol good?

It’s when your levels are so high that the test line is darker than the control line, so the test line “steals” the dye from the control line! It’s a good thing/seen as a super strong positive

@Caroline ahhh, that’s good to know! i’d seen a few posts saying that it meant the t- line was as dark as the c-line. glad i only said 99% sure lol 😂🤦‍♀️x

I got my first dye stealer at 4 weeks with cheap dollar store tests

My last 2 were dye stealers. I did one today at 6w3d and last week at 5w6d. You're definitely close!

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