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Is anyone else’s toddler just naughty as hell right now? It’s been a few weeks but she just seems to be out of control. It’s not constant but when she’s being naughty it’s so bad. I don’t even know what to do anymore. Time out doesn’t really work anymore. She’s such a smart, caring, amazing little girl but that temper is SERIOUS. Help please.
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3 weeks ago


last month

Yes my 2 year old daughter is the same way. My oldest daughter is 21 and she watches her alot while I work & she asked me why is she so bad. I told her its most 2 year olds not just her sister. I will say my oldest wasn’t really bad at 2 but she had a stepfather. Now Im single and no father figure around.

2 months ago

ugh same and i know it’s what’s normal and all kids do it. but dang it’s hard. exhausting lately. 😞 i have been just sticking to timeout and finding new ways to keep her occupied during the day. it’s a struggle momma. we’re all in it with you. i’m completely clueless and feel bad when i get upset over things that i know she’s gonna have to do and experience as she grows. i never really was around kids a lot at all so i’m like ????? lmao 🥲 ♥️🤗 good luck mommies

2 months ago

Unfortunately it’s right on par for the age to “explore” and test limits a lot. My twins climb on everything, color on the walls and furniture any chance they can sneak over and practice their art skills. It’s exhausting, but it’s very normal.

2 months ago

I am in the same boat at the moment. Mine is almost 3, and she has recently been acting like a little teenager

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