Positive then not

Hey, I did a test for two days in a row about 4 years all positive with first response. Today I did a strip test and it was negative (I’m only day 6pt), is this normal? Should I be worried?
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Did you have a trigger shot? That could have caused the initial positives and then it’s too soon for the actual positives which is why it’s currently negative, and could change? Xx

@Abbie No, it was from a frozen transfer. I didn’t my trigger in October or November? I’m panicking Xx

First response picks up the hcg earlier than other tests. Is the strip test an early detection one too?

@Jenna no they are the “swift” test strips. I will try and find a first response and keep you updated x

I'd stick to first respons or early detection clear blue. It's still very early so other tests don't always show it. X

@Sadie, you can get them in boots or amazon

I’ve always had a trigger 36 hours before my FET to guarantee ovulation. Then don’t test until 12 days after FET to make sure shot gone. But as Jenna says, also the strips aren’t as sensitive.

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