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Hello! Going anon purely because I can't deal with being judged! I'm reading a lot of people are recieving universal credit. My little girl is 4 months, and my maternity pay is due to go down in my next pay. I'm only admin in the NHS, but my partner works full time. Just wondering if I'd be entitled or eligible etc... Literally so scared of the thought of not being able to afford things etc, just looking for advice how to go about it etc? I read they look at your previous pay ( which has been normal but going down next month)... Thank you everyone xx
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If your on mat leave pay you might not get much but if im honestly apply anyway even if its 50 pound its 50 pound and you then can apply for the Scottish child payment which is 100 pound a month for 1 child and you can get a 600 grant ( if you get child benefits ie child tax or working tax or universal credit ) I'm on universal credit due to it being a bit more then the mat alouance but even tho my partner works full time I still get money plus the grant and child benefits xx

If this is your first you can apply for the sure start maternity grant too (eng/wales) £500 just print the form off gov.uk and the last page has to be signed by your doctor but give them a ring as you may just be able to pop in 😊 similar to what was mentioned by Chloe! You can also definitely apply for universal credit, I did it as it took 3 months to get my statutory maternity pay sorted so it really helped, you can also ask for an advance payment at your first appointment if you do end up going for UC and you shouldn’t need to go back in for anymore after your first appointment 😊 xx

You can do u calculation on entitledto website. All depends on income if both you and your partner unfortunately x

Theres website that calculate for you if your eligible and how much, bare in mind that your only eligible for the sure start grant if you’re already on benefits

@Abbie Sure Start maternity grant is not for everyone. I wasn’t entitled to it. OP, you’ll have to work out if your eligible for UC because it’s based on joint income. I’m not eligible, literally not entitled to a single penny. So I’m having to go back at 6 months because we can’t afford me to just be on maternity allowance as off May x

Yeah what they all said no one is gonna judge you I’m on it while on maternity and my partner works it’s impossible for us not to be on it x

You will be given something. They don't consider your salary when you're on maternity pay. So it counts as though there is only one salary. I didn't expect to receive anything but was awarded just over £800 per month which has helped so much. I am able to save for the months I won't be getting SMP. Put through an application and let them take it from their

@vee I was told I couldn't get maternity allowance while on universal credit and have only been awarded 400 - I'm not moaning about what you have been awarded or anything please don't think that I'm just curious if I should just apply for maternity allowance aswell. Will it affect my 400 award just going from 3000 a month to barley one and a half is killing us.

@Chloe when I was getting maternity allowance I was claiming UC but they do deduct mat allowance £ for £ for your UC claim. You can get mat allowance if your not being paid from work.

@Chloe maternity allowance effects your universal credit. I get maternity allowance which is £626 and only get a £106 top up from UC as they take it off your universal credit entitlement. You can't claim mat allowance if you're getting maternity pay from work though. X

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