Am I seeing things??

Please tell me I’m seeing things! I took a test last week as I’m over a week late. My first cycle started January after a year and a half plus. Daughter is 11 months tomorrow. I didn’t think having a baby naturally would be possible after PCOS and many IUIs, 2IVF transfers and two miscarriages. Cd41 idk when I ovulated cause I haven’t been tracking. 2 under 2, living with my parents while trying to buy a house, a trip in May and possibly in august and a major trip planned in December is not how I pictured having my second.
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I can’t see anything x

I can’t see anything either x

I don’t really see anything either, but it’s actually very common for those who go through IVF and other treatments to naturally conceive after that. Something about your body “knowing what to do” after a pregnancy or something. But you may want to prevent in some way, because it definitely could be possible in the future.

I see a faint line but I have similar recently and then took digital and it was not preggo. So might be an indent x

@Jessica I have heard that too and one of my RE nurses told me that I would always have to go IVF to conceive but my nurse said it’s always possible! My cycles are so very regular so this is out of the norm

@Suzanne Iknow the digital has to have a higher level of HCG. And it was taken about two minutes into the test.

Could also just be a wee indent as I see in second photo now. Try a digital in a few days x

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