Anyone know of any good Doctors that specialise in PCOS in London (private too).Also are there any conception success stories from women who have PCOS?
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I was diagnosed with PCOS at 18 and was told I may struggle to conceive. Now 30 my husband and I fell pregnant within a couple of months of trying, which was amazing and we now have a beautiful 8 month old baby boy. There is lots of help and support out there. I hope this gives you some hope 🧡

Oh wow!Thanks and congratulations on your baby🥹💙.Can you please point me to the help and support?

I have PCOS with type 2 diabetes. I cut out carbs in the December, lowered my hba1c by half and was pregnant by the following July. Try myo-insitol, vitamin d, omega 3 supplements and a low carb, higher (good) fat diet. Health Coach Kait on youtube is a good starting place.

@Claire wow!!Inspirational and congrats on your baby!!Thanks for the YouTube recommendation!Checking it out now!

My partner and I tried for 6 months and I was getting worried so was recommended Dr Lisa Webber (private) by a friend. We went and saw her and she is amazing. So understanding, calm, explains everything, always on hand. We did some basic fertility testing and one of my ovaries was polycystic. However, I did blood work and I was still ovulating so she told us not to worry as it’s very common and plenty of women still get pregnant. The next month we got pregnant and we now have an 11 month old little girl. My friend who recommended her was also diagnosed with PCOS and wasn’t ovulating but Dr Webber helped her as well and she has an almost 2 year old. Honestly she’s amazing, expensive but if you can afford it highly recommend her. Her speciality is infertility and PCOS so she knows so much! X

Hello! I’ve been seeing a fantastic private doctor to help support me get pregnant with PCOS. Take a look at the doctors at Claire Mellon & Associates. No BFP yet but I’ve begun ovulating regularly now so very hopeful!

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