6 months ago

Sleep tips

I know some of us are going through it with our little ones sleep at the moment but I’m hoping some of you might have some tips that helped you in a similar Lara situation to me. For the life of me I do not know how to put my daughter to bed and walk out the room without her screaming. She’s always been a screamer and has never just laid there quietly or chatting, if I’m not there and she’s awake, then the neighbourhood know about it. For context she has a floor bed, once she’s dressed and ready for bed, I lay her down, say night night and kiss her head and lay down next to her, sometimes it takes a few laying back downs but she does go to sleep. She also has a bottle before her bath, frustratingly still has a bottle once in the night and occasionally has a morning bottle. TIA 😊
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5 months ago

My little girl won't drink anything accept formula, she would rather have nothing, occasionally I can get her to have flavoured water or juice. She won't go to sleep unless we are in her room. And wakes between 3-5am asking for a bottle

5 months ago

If you lay next to her, will she go to sleep quicker? If so I'd just roll with it, makes it so much easier if you have a floor bed! It'll come when they get older and can understand more? My daughter has never self settled, but now I cuddle her in the chair for 5 mins then put her in her cot when she's calm and keep my hand on her till she's asleep, usually another 5 mins

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