Hands ezcema

Hello! My son's suddenly developed ezcema on the palm on his hands. Can anyone recommend an effective treatment? Poor thing he's so restless at night 🥺 I'd be calling the GP on Monday
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My son has had really bad eczema on his legs, arms and scalp since he was only 6 weeks old and it’s took us until the last few weeks to find the brand “my little coco” I have been using the bath&body bubbles, shampoo and the body lotion and within a few days his skin was so smooth and it was all gone xx

@Chloe omg thank you very much. Will buy it today and hopefully it works for us too! he's waking up constantly scratching his hands 🥲

Try oilatum junior in the bath, just wash their hair first or it ends up a little greasy😂 We tried so many moisturisers that actually made it worse until we found one that works! We use Doublebase (the pink/purple box)

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