Been told, due to having a thrombosis in my chest 24 yrs ago. HRT is a risk for me. Things have got unberable on all levels and stmtoms. Feel i have lost myself,as well not recognising myself. Just not nice to be around, feel sorry for anyone who comes into my orbit! Spoke witb Dr and was recommended to go to heamtology for advice, they suggested against HRT. Then referred to Menopause clinic, who say can try low dose patches and progesterone tablets, if i want to take the risk? Anyone have any comments on any of this?
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Combined patches see lousie newson balance app

Patches lowest risk

My friend had multiple PE late last year, was taken off tablets and is now on patches. Hope you get something sorted xx

Hello 🙂 transdermal Body-identical HRT is suitable for most people, including those with thrombosis history. You obvs need to discuss your individual risk with qualified healthcare professionals, but the evidence is good! This should be helpful: 🙂❤️

@Kira - hello 🙂 Being in the UK, things are a little different. We have guidelines in place, and blood testing is not required as hormones fluctuate wildly through perimenopause when symptoms are usually at their worst - rendering them pretty much pointless for diagnosis and dosage decisions. If you're interested in that, have a look for NICE guidelines or British Menopause Society documentation (which is extensive and comprehensive). For USA, the North American Menopause Society position statement would be relevant. Over the counter supplements are unregulated and untested, often containing ingredients with oestrogenic effects which can ve dangerous as the actual dosage in these products is unknown, and they don't factor in the effects of not providing protection against endometrial thickening. Body-identical HRT (AKA regulated Bio-identical HRT in USA) does factor this in, and where appropriate, a progestogen is prescribed...

...The BMS doesn't currently recommend using unregulated and untested products, and strongly advises against using so-called 'compounded' HRT, where blood or urine testing is carried out to supposedly create a specific dose of hormones. The tests are pointless, and products considered dangerous due to being unregulated. Anecdotally, there's been an uptick in endometrial hyperplasia and other complications arising from taking unregulated Bio-identical HRT and over the counter preparations (see Dr Anne Henderson, Dr Jen Gunter for examples of their medical experiences of this).

Omg...I feel for you....there are so many different paths to get you through this at a time when you feel so confused anyway....when I went though it I was advised against hrt in any form because of a history of cancer in my Family...I also have heart I went the herbal route..sage was my thing...calming..eased the sweats...but my anger was uncontrollable sometimes....the gym helped....listen to yourself as much as you can.....dont judge yourself...communicate how you feel to your's so easy to shut your loved ones out....and let people help......🥰

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