Ovulation test

Has anyone else lh fluctuate before getting a high or peak. My test was light got slightly darker then lighter only within a 24 hour time frame then just ever so slightly going back up . The bottom 2 test are fresh I thought I lossed it then did another one same urine sample turned out my husband was looking at it. But let me know if anyone had this happen and actually get pregnant? Also do they look good for only being on cycle day 14?
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@Anna oh okay I just feel like I won't see my peak

@Breanna Yes! It’s typical. That happens to me each cycle since I’ve started tracking and using medicated cycles. I’ve had confirmed ovulation each time, even with fluctuations.

@Vicki thank you

That’s okay ☺️ sorry I can’t be much help 😔 good luck 💫💕💫

@Vicki okay thank you so much

@Vicki my phone or tablet won't allow me to download it

Do you scan these lovely onto the app for easy@home ? I found it helpful this month using these strip test along with the app to pin point things 😊

@Anna but from it to go from decently dark to really light? That's normal?

Yes, it is typical for LH to fluctuate, even throughout the day.

Also ik there don't look like much of a difference my camera quality sucks

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