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3 years ago

What gross things happened to your body...

During pregnancy? And what did you do to treat them? Read this article today, totally happened to me-my face is covered in burst blood vessels from vomiting. Anything else? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7105353/Amy-Schumer-reveals-popped-blood-vessels-face-bouts-vomiting-pregnancy.html
What gross things happened to your body...

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3 months ago

So many blood vessels in my faced popped when I pushed my baby out. When I got up to use the bathroom after birth and looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize my face. I looked like a leopard with spots all over my face

5 months ago

After birth piles They hurt the most out of everything from conception to giving birth My piles literally kicked my ass

7 months ago

Morning sickness..all day. Minimize I think around 6mnth.

7 months ago

Pooping after having an episiotomy 😩😖

7 months ago

For me so far it’s been the smell of my gas and poop. Like it is so bad and rancid I want to vomit and I’m not smell sensitive by any means.

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