Potty training tips?

My daughter will be 2 in august and I want to start potty training. She knows how to tell me when she went potty but refuses to do anything when she sits on the potty.
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I hear ya, my daughter was the same way! I started her around 18 months or so bc she showed some signs but we didn’t really go anywhere so I dropped it. Right before she turned 2, she was all about it and it was a piece of cake!

It’s just hard to tell because she’ll follow me into the bathroom and sit in her potty but just doesn’t want to do anything. But I’ll just wait for her to be ready

Don’t push it- I’ve read that starting potty training before they’re really ready can actually confuse them and make it take longer in the long run. She might be getting close, but wait until she’s showing a lot of interest and telling you when she needs to go.

I agree. They’ll start when they’re ready. My daughter didn’t start til she was 3ish and it went so smoothly.

Try but don’t rush it and push it. When they are ready you will know and it will be easy

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