Not sure if lo has colic

My son is almost 3 weeks old Tonight he has cried almost non stop since about 4:30. He only settles briefly for about 5 mins. I thought he needed feeding and was cluster feeding but now I’m not sure. He keeps curling his legs up and going red in the face like he needs to fill his nappy, but he isn’t having problems filling his nappy. Im struggling to find a way to comfort him other than putting him on the breast and that only works temporarily 😔 Im out of ideas. My partner wants to give him a dummy but I am strongly against them
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@Christy Louise hi Christy, my baby is exactly how you described yours! It’s so hard to see him in so much pain :( Do you mind sharing the brand of the baby tea? I would love to try it out to help soothe baby. Thank you

Hi Amy, I did some research into symptoms etc and I spoke to my healthcare worker and she said it could be his milk. I just decided to go with it and change it as I felt like that’s the only thing that it could be and it was. It was constant like you say. He was just so unhappy and in pain. Some days 18 hours crying then I was crying haha. I put him on SMA Lactose free and he honestly is like a different baby. He’s just started his 11th week now and he has even started sleeping 8 hours through the night. Poos once twice a day and is smiling his head off daily. I hope you get it sorted as it’s bloody hard work when you feel like you’ve done everything and can’t make them happy. There is also baby tea which I tried which did work a little bit as thought was colic you can get on Amazon and you can drink it too if BF. It’s all natural and herbal xxx

@Christy Louise hi how did you find out your baby was lactose intolerant? My little one seems to be in loads of pain with his tummy. And like @Beckis goes red and looks like he wants to poo even though he poos fine. Mine is 10 weeks now and it's still constant and I don't know if it's just colic or maybe an intolerance x

Hi Becki, I had the same at the 3 week mark. It’s been like it for 4 weeks and I thought it was never going to end. My boy is 7 weeks now. He is actually lactose intolerant though and has acid reflux so I had to stop breastfeeding and put him on lacto free milk. It could be reflux if he is curling his legs up in pain and red faced. I had the same. It’s really hard to watch and it’s so sad when they’re crying and you can’t help. But you’re doing amazing and it will pass. There is also something I was recommended by a lady I met at a class called baby tea. It’s meant to soothe the tummy. I did try and it helped. You can get on Amazon. I exhausted all areas and he was lactose intolerant so now his milk is right he’s like a different baby. Hang in there! You’ve got this ❤️

I hope you're doing okay - my little boy really suffers with colic and this evening/early night time has always been bad for him too. We found that gripe water has really helped him when he's like this, even if it just distracts him from the screaming. Infacol and colief also were helpful but ultimately it does get better with time. We also found that when he was really little a warm bath helped/distracted him... anything to stop the screaming for a while haha! X

Aww sounds like colic one of my twin boys had it really bad try some infacol before a feed it really helps bring yo wind xx

Mine is doing the same. I do massages. Gas drops and added a prebiotic today.

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