Birthcontrol before a embryo transfer

Has anyone else been put on birth control before a transfer? I’ve honestly been off of birth control for seven years now and they want me to start taking it on cycle day five but I’m not sure that’s the route I wanted to go.
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I did birth control the month prior to my FET. Then started estrogen with my cycle and eventually progesterone a few weeks later. I was also was on birth control the month prior to one of my retrieval cycles so I think that’s a pretty common way to ensure things are calmed down.

Not immediately after but it was in my protocol. It sounded crazy to me as well since were going through all of this to get pregnant so we clearly don't have have problems not getting pregnant but that's not what it was about and I ultimately decided to trust their protocol and I got my baby.

@Chun such a weird concept to me! Were you put on progesterone after?

I was prescribed birth control before my transfer. It sounds crazy but it's to regulate hormones before the transfer.

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