Does anyone else feel like they are DROWNING as a parent at the moment. My daughter has started having very very big emotions… some times they occur and I don’t even know what’s triggered them but she’s throwing herself on the floor tugging at my legs screaming. She used to be so happy? I feel so lost. She is currently getting her canine teeth but she never reacted like this to any other teeth. I feel like I’m not coping with motherhood at all through this stage and feel like I’m the only one struggling with things like this. I just keep being told she’s to young for the “2 yr old big emotions” and so it must be something else and nothing I do seems to help settle her. I’m trying so hard to be calm and empathetic, but I’m feeling like I’m suffocating and can’t do anything right as a mum.
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Your not alone and I feel you for sure! I don’t have any advice just the comfort that it’s not just you are your daughter 💗💗

@Dawn thank you, that’s actually enough to make me feel better. I’m so worried it’s my parenting leading her to this kind of thing and I’m trying so hard to just be the best I can be. I’m just struggling.

I’m glad it’s not just me! We’ve had a horrible 24 hours. I lost my cool and yelled at my daughter a couple of times. I feel horrendously guilty and angry with myself, and no amount of apologising to my LO is making me feel better. I’m so worried that this stage of life is going to negatively impact her future development and ruin my relationship with her 😭

I totally get it!! The fact that your worried its your parenting, to me says it all. That you are doing an amazing job and the best that you can and your daughter is lucky to have such a caring mum.

@Kym we all have those 24 hours and yell way more than we would like. Your only human. Easier said than done but try not to be so hard on yourself. We are defiantly going to mess up as mums as we can’t be perfect which of course may not seem encouraging but I guess a gentle reminder that we are all just doing the best we can 💗

Thank you, @Dawn! That is exactly what I needed hear! You know just what OP and I needed, I appreciate it! It’s not an easy time, especially when you throw in a newborn and all of the hormones going haywire. I just have to keep reminding myself that she’s learning what each emotion is and how to regulate herself. I’m glad she adores her little sister and that’s not another problem to throw in the mix

@Kym I’m glad to have helped!! That she is learning, which takes time. Oh that’s good! Always so helpful if they love their little siblings 💗💗

@Kym I’m currently pregnant with our second, so emotions are on high alert here too. Gosh it’s tough, thank you for also ensuring I don’t feel alone

I was about posting your post 😓it’s the same here . I really lost my control on my voice lately, I’m yelling a lot and being nervous most of the time. As @Kym said no amount of apologising would be enough or makes me feel better. 😥

Yep my son is in the same boat it's drives me nuts 😂 but comforting him helps alot that even getting out of the house might work as well Hang in there mama it will get better with time

I feel the same eye teeth coming through but it’s almost like we woke up this week and have a terrible 2 already.

Yes, this. My daughter is going through this full on emotional thing right now as well. I just feel like a failure all the time. I can't escape it.

My LO is going through a no to everything stage, he wont listen, and he throws many many tantrums. Just take a deep breathe, get to their level, sit on the floor and offer a cuddle, wait for it to pass. Theyre like fairies, so little they can only have one emotion at a time and its always a big one! If you lose it and yell, thats you being human, dont worry, just breathe.

Your definatley not alone in this I am currently struggling with as well.

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