Weaning struggles!

My twins are 7months old (6 months adjusted) and I’ve started weaning from 6 months (5 m.a). How do you do it with two babies on your own?! Mine get fed up of taking it in turns to have a spoonful of purée each and it becomes unenjoyable for all 3 of us! I can’t even consistently feed them so I’m finding I’ll feed them one purée once a day or will go days with not being able to fit it in! I’m basically on my own 90% of the time with them as husband works full time and by the time he’s home, we are in that dodgy phase of the evening between last nap and bed time so no chance of a successful weaning sesh then lol. I’m not very confident with BLW just yet as I’m scared I won’t be able to keep my eyes on both babies with this or that one will choke or something so I wouldn’t be able to focus on the other one while sorting one out. Feeling like a pretty rubbish mum at the moment because of the weaning thing. My husband keeps telling me ‘they’re telling you they’re ready to wean’ but that makes me feel worse as I just can’t seem to find the right point to give it a go. I also have a 5 year old too so evenings when he’s home from school mean homework, doing his tea and baths for all 3 every other night so I think at the moment, evenings are out of the question for weaning. Just feel at a total hopeless and guilt ridden loss!
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I did one spoon each and for a while that worked but my boys are little chunks and didn't like waiting, so I changed to finger foods. Any soft foods they can pick up and eat by themselves

I found those Ella's kitchen melty sticks were good and helped them learn hand eye co ordination as well

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