Complex Migraines

Anyone else start having worse migraines during perimenopause? I've now been diagnosed with complex Migraines which can be triggered by hormones. In other words, I'm having them all the time. Waiting for neurologist appointment. Is there anything I can do for some relief in the meantime?
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Oh I wonder 💭 if that’s happening to me .. it hurts sooo bad. 🥹

I did. I had to give up drinking alcohol, and any caffeinated beverage. I couldn’t even tolerate decaf for a while, but I’ve been able to bring decaf coffee back. I went online and read about migraine triggers and just have to avoid all of them. You can look it up and see which things to watch out for. After I eliminated them my migraines were less frequent, but I still got them sometimes. I started taking some vitamin supplements specifically for menopause and perimenopause. You can look that up online too. There are lots of over-the-counter brands. I use some that I buy from the company Gennev. I also use some that I got at Costco, I can’t remember the brand name. After I started taking supplements that made a real difference. And then I had to be really careful about getting enough sleep. All of those things added up together, and I am only having a migraine about every six months now. Good luck! My migraines were the worst thing about perimenopause.

@Marcelle Thank you so much! Thanks for taking the time to respond and for the advice. I am so grateful. I read about caffeine and sleep. Ive never known which supplements to take. I'll look into the brand you've suggested. Thank you again.

You’re welcome. I hope it helps!

Migraines got so bad I was having a couple a week, they are definitely hormone related (plus I know cheese is also a trigger...don't know why just get them if I eat it), since being in hrt I'm down to one migraine a month just before I'm due my period

I just starting having crushing migraines 1 day after turning 49 yrs old. Although I’m going through perimenopause, it’s related to low blood sugar due to hormonal changes. Started eating every 3 hrs and they’ve subsided. Hope this helps and you feel better soon

Magnesium helps a lot too

@Celine thanks! I’ll try it🌹

I started having intense migraine that resulted in me passing out. After battery of tests it was discovered it was hormone related. Riboflavin has helped. Also found that juicing, drinking on empty stomach first thing in the morning helps flush excess estrogen. What I have found is there is no magic pill just things that work for me. Juicing, Plant based, whole food diet, staying hydrated, and managing the pain / episodes. Neurology appointment in October to figure out if there is a preventative I could take. Hope you find some relief and something that works for you.

Yes. I’ve always had them and now rhymes are worse. Working on figuring it all out…

Just an update. I'm taking 500 mg of magnesium daily. I've now been put on 30 mg of Qulipta and I have only had three migraines in a four week period. I'm not a candidate for HRT due to a mild stroke a few years ago.

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