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Calling all mamas! We want to hear your story.

Hi, all! We’re always looking to hear your stories about the community you’ve found on the Peanut app. If you have an interesting story about meeting a mama bff on the app, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out this form (it will only take 5 min!) Form lives here: Grateful for you!
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where did you get that 9 to 5 sweatshirt?? I love it! Super cute!❤️also, I just shared my story!! I LOVE this app!!

I’ve got some great success stories from peanut and have built a lil mommy tribe in my local area. I’m interested in commercial and marketing opportunities. I host play dates using peanut regularly and also offer other mamas advice on how to be more successful making friends using the app. I can put together a powerful marketing campaign using real life testimony and my new peanut friends would love to participate. Working with me will definitely help promote your app and attract new mamas to download it. Please contact me at 🤗

What will you do with the stories?

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Think so

Can we later upload a photo onto the form?

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