He's reached his limit

Been together nearly 2yrs...he wants to break up, says he has reached his limit with the drama of my grown up children ( 1 having to move in with us for a month) 1 has had problems with the police. He says I have brought drama into our relationship...I love him and I'm devastated....only last week he and I were making future plans and he was say he loves me...now he wants me to move out after my son moves....am I wrong in thinking its unfair of him blaming me for things that is out of my control...
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@Baylee thank you for your message, yes I do love him and want to be with him, he's not abusive etc but has definitely reached his limit with all the situations that involve my kids... 'baggage' is not a term i like to use when it comes to my children, but i do understand why its used in this instance. But you and others are right, he knew all when we met...we are talking and I'm starting to put in some boundaries with my kids...they are adults

@Lissa thank you for your reply, it helps to know I'm not the only one

Yes we all come with baggage and he knew that before do you think maybe you tend to take your children's side I know I would it's built in for us to do that maybe he feels pushed out .I wish you well hope it works out for you xx

Sounds like something has triggered him to feel this way. I agree that it is unfair he blames you for things out of your control. I know my kids come first no matter what, but if he doesn’t have kids he may not understand that. I think maybe you could have crossed a boundary of his that was never spoken about. Do you want to be with him? Is he being controlling or abusive? Are you happy in the relationship despite this? If there is a way to resolve it and if you will truely be happy then I’d say don’t lose hope. My partner and I have been together for four years and I have been at my limit for a long time, although I think communicating about boundaries and what we need in the relationship is the only way we have survived. We have also been doing couples counseling that has helped us get through some hard situations.

@Rhiannon agree. 100%. What is so wrong with this baggage that he accepted prior...for years at that. Ugh, this upsets me. I dated a guy once that would keep me around on and off until he found something better. It really tears a girl down to feel like someones "safety net"

@Skye everyone comes with baggage. He’s known about her baggage for 2 years. Seems to me something else is going on if he’s done a full 180 in a week

I'm saying this nicely. it sounds like you come w/ a lot of baggage.

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