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I had a confirmed ectopic pregnancy last week and am having weekly blood tests until my HCG is back to 0 (it was 970 on Thursday). Luckily its resolving itself so I didn't have methotrexate or surgery. However, I have just started bleeding again and have 'period' pains. Did anyone else have on/off bleeding? I started bleeding on the 9th May which lasted 3 days and that prompted a scan at the EPU but I've not had bleeding since, until today! Surely it can't be a period as I still have HCG hormone?
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I totally understand, I was on expected management and then sadly had a rupture so get that it's a horrible time. Take no risks and trust your instincts, if it doesn't feel right or you're worried get seen, they will be glad to see you and check you over. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. The anxiety does pass and you will heal. Brighter days ahead xx

@Alice that's so reassuring! Thank you. I'm constantly on edge with every twinge and any bleeding at the moment. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I will remain hopeful and hope my anxiety doesn't get the better of me xxxx

Yes sadly I think it's normal. I mistook my ectopic as a period initially with some heavy bleeding and it wasn't until about 3 weeks later and I started bleeding again heavily and had pain that we realised something was wrong so I think the bleeding is a bit unpredictable in the miscarriage process. Your womb will be thickened from the HCG so as that drops you might find it continues on and off for a while, everyone is different. I ended up with emergency surgery which I don't know if it changes things but it went back to a normal cycle surprisingly quickly, only about 4 weeks I think. We didn't try for a while as I was a bit stressed by it all but I am now 5 months pregnant so there can be light at the end of the tunnel xxx

Thank you so much @Alice the pain isn't bad enough for paracetamol and the bleeding is not heavy so I'm not overly concerned. I just didn't realise I may bleed on and off 🙈. I will make sure I let the EPU know if it gets worse. Can I ask how long it took for your period to return? I'm so sorry for your loss 🤍

Sadly it's a normal part of the miscarriage process I believe. I had on and off bleeding even though I did end up having surgery and then after surgery bled for a good 6 days. Sorry you're going through this. If you're worried or the pain doesn't go away with paracetamol don't hesitate to go back in and get seen though x

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