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I had an ectopic pregnant over a year ago. I lost a flopian tube. I now show a positive pregnancy test. I loathe the fertility center the recent blood draws and drugs. I don’t trust my OB/GYN due to him thinking I had a miscarriage and didn’t catch the ectopic. I’m not sure what to do.?
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@Victoria I’m okay. It wasn’t a viable pregnancy. I was so happy only to be sad again.

It was a chemical miscarriage. I’m sad, but glad I didn’t lose another flopian tube.

Me too! How are You doing @Michelle ? I’m TTC next month after my ectopic c

@Michelle yes it is many people don’t talk about it neither

I lost my right tube and ironically enough my only girl cousin lost hers as well. It’s soo hard.

Congratulations to you I recently had an ectopic and lost my right tube I hope I can get pregnant again

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