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I’m hoping someone can help me I’m 49 in peri menopause been on hrt for about a year worked amazing at first I started to notice a return of symptoms and increased my dose as advised . But I feel terrible anxious no confidence over thinking I had a period had 7 days off then back on a period a again (usually im every 4 weeks like clockwork ) boobs hurt bloated uncomfortable gassy and indegestion . Im having a real identity crisis is this all menopause or is it just me . I have never been this type of person before any advice would be greatly received 😞
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That's such a struggle Samantha 😫 an absolute roller-coaster. Might be good to check with your doctor again. Say the hrt can really impact other areas. Something that you can add in to help area the natural Nrf activators. All the symptoms you've described and more have been eased drastically for me. The calm, balance, motivation , my mojo! All so much better and feeling better than ever💕🙏

Thanks Lisa certainly worth a try 💗

Yes i would go back to the doctor. My symptoms got better as I begin menopause. May need to adjust meds. They are a life saver for me

I’ve just started taking oil of evening primrose for my sore boobs and I have to say it’s worked 👍. Your other symptoms are still peri and you may need to tweak your HRT again. Go see your GP ♥️

Hello 😊 how long have you been on this new dose please? Any changes take time to settle down... Our M-brace The Change factsheet on starting HRT should be helpful - it applies to changes in regime too: 🙂❤️

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