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So I've been introducing puree fruit and baby rice to my little boy (5 months today) and didn't know how often/how much I should be giving him? I don't want to shock his system by giving him too much all at once but if he is still looking for it and showing that he wants more I should give it to him right? I'm so confused and concerned lol 😂🙄
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I just started feeding my 4 m.o baby girl earlier this week, she’s so stuck on sweet potato! I was worried at first bc it took her almost 2 days to poo it out but after that everytime she sees the container she gets so excited! I feed her until she doesn’t open her mouth for the spoon anymore, once or twice a day and let her wash it down with breast milk afterwards or a little bit of water if she’ll take it 🤗 just pay attention to baby’s cues and everything should be okay!

Thank you so much for your advice!! Yeah I've been giving him puree fruit in the morning time then his baby rice in the evening as a sort of dinner with his milk and he seems to be coping with it well and really enjoying it! Aww sounds like she's loving it, my boys poops have been questionable to say the least since starting to introduce new foods haha 😂 x

I think solid foods app tells you how certain foods can affect poos. I was told it is recommended to give solids after they had their formula or breastmilk because the formula or breastmilk has all the nutrition they need. Food up to one is just for fun

My son is the same, he will quite happily eat all the puréed fruit/veg and he is 5 months. But our health visitor said to only give a few mouthfuls as his main food is still milk and the purées are just for taste 🙄. But I’ve also heard feed until they show you they are finished So following as I’m quite confused myself

Hey guys also following for advice ☺️ I don’t know if this will help because we have also just started our weening journey but we were advised to continue bottles as usual, ours are currently every 4 hours. Then wait 30 mins to an hour and then try with a purée of choice. The first few months are to get used to new textures and different tastes rather than the quantity so even a few spoonfuls a couple of times a day to start with to get used to a new mouth motion and then build up to more texture, flavours and quantity. So we do the same, keep offering spoons until she stops taking them which is usually only 4/5 spoonfuls ☺️ and usually after her 2nd and 3rd bottle

Hey guys. I’ve just started my 5 month old on purées too ☺️. Currently I am giving his bottles at his usual times and giving a puree/rice/cereal at around 3pm before his bottle feeding. So currently I only give one meal a day. And when I say meal I give about 1/2 table spoons. I am new to this to so following for advice 🙌🏽😊 x

Thank for all the advice girlies! I've been giving him a fruit pouch before his milk mid morning and a bowl of baby rice before his milk at dinner time and he seems to be loving it and still drinking all of his milk!

@Jade Are you giving a whole fruit pouch? How old is your LO?

@Sophia yeah the whole pouch, he usually finishes it but if he doesn't then I just save it for later on in the day! He's got a good appetite it seems haha. He's 5 months x

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