Help! White-ish stool color 😢

Has anyone experienced white or light color stool from their 1 year old/ toddler? Is it as bad as Google says??? I'm so scared! She's had some diarrhea this past week but this color is new. I'll leave a picture of the stool so BEWARE.
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Could they have eaten play dough? Or something similar? If it was me I’d call the dr and explain and ask if they needed to be seen. I would just keep them topped up on plenty of fluids and monitor them until you can have them seen. Hope everything goes okay

@Abbie I don't think she ate anything crazy but she's always trying to put stuff in her mouth so it's hard to tell... the Dr told me to call tomorrow to come in and bring the poop wrapped up. It looks whiter than what the picture shows.

@Alicia make sure you put it in the fridge until tomorrow because it can change colour when left out! I know it’s gross but just triple bag it! I remember when my niece got into some play dough her stool was blue for one nappy change but that was evidently play dough, white stool is different as there could be an underlying cause but it’s definitely better to get checked anyway, could always be nothing but could be something

That's good to know. I currently have it sitting out. I'll put it in the fridge :(

My 4 yr old had diarrhoea and her poop was this colour after then turned back to normal colour- was just the effects of the tummy bug. But worth getting checked x

@Lara thanks I'm scheduled to come in this afternoon. I was a bit frantic last night but I'm hoping all will be ok

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