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I’m starting to feel really down about my finances whilst on maternity. I’m on month two of being off work and my pay is no longer covering my bills so now I’m stressing about money but really dont want to return to work this early 😩 my partner is self employed so it’s difficult as he’s already working 6 days per week. Anyone know of any side hustles/WFH jobs whilst on maternity leave?
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I am on my second month and so far I have gotten 90% of my regular salary . Be certain your work place is paying you what your full entitlement . Hopefully you get a positive news about WFH jobs too. All the best.xx

Completely get this, I think with the rise of everything it has just gotten harder. I was made redundant a month before I was due to return from Mat leave in Aug last year and then had to get agency work until I went back on Mat leave in March so only entitled to Maternity allowance and I'm already looking for jobs to go back to work in the next few months as I feel so bad on my partner as he is working any extra shifts thats coming in to help pay the bills. This is my 3rd child so definitely feeling it more this time with everything rising. I know people have suggested surveys to be before and I tried it for a short while and honestly made absolutely no money, took to long to try and make a little bit so I would avoid that if possible.

Have you looked into what you're entitled too? Universal credit and the sure start maternity grant?xx

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