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Hi all - I just had my first embryo transfer yesterday, an euploid AA. I got pregnant naturally in Dec 2022 but miscarried. I asked my doctor who did the transfer what the % chance of a live pregnancy from that transfer, he put me at 25%. That seems a lot lower from what I have been able to gather online etc. He said it was lower because I am 41. I thought âge at the time of implantation had minimal impact, particularly when dealing with a genetically tested embryo. Would love to hear what you’ve heard! Thank you!
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25% seems about right to me. I turned 42 on my transfer day (hoping for a the worlds best birthday present/s!) Sending you luck and baby dust ✨

I feel like it would be higher given it’s a Euploid I think a Euploid is 50% chance of live birth and probably just a little bit lower to adjust for age (given it’s already an euploid it shouldn’t adjust too much) Anyway wishing you the best of luck!

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