10 weeks 3 days - Woke up to light spotting and tiny clots this morning. We had a scan last week and baby was fine with a heartbeat. I can only think the worst as i have already had a miscarriage. Desperately trying to book a private scan. I need some hope
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I know it’s horrible but try not to think the worst. Odds are the baby is fine. There’s a lot going on down there and some spotting can be normal, try and think positive x

Oh I’m so sorry to read this, did they say on your scan if you had a heamotoma (I can’t spell it) as that can sometimes cause bleeding. I know as well the EPU will see you so it’s worth ringing them too. Sending hugs and best wishes xxx

No they said everything was fine. I have small fibroids but they said this won't affect the pregnancy. Epu don't take calls before 8am so hanging on and praying for the best x

Light spotting doesn't have to mean anything, wishing you luck 🫂🫂

Hi saddia I’ve been having light spotting as well brown and pinks and been for early scans and all is well at 9+6 weeks. You should be able to get early scan with nhs if your experiencing spotting/bleeding so try there before paying for private. I was told at 8 week scan I have tiny hematoma causing the spotting. Hope everything’s ok for you xx

Thank you Lucy. We only saw the baby last week and it was doing so well with a strong heartbeat. I've had reduced pregnancy symptoms the past few days and now spotting so i'm not hopeful. Waiting until 8am to call the EPU xx

@Saddia sending big hugs. Probably going to be the longest morning of your life but like @Lucy said, it’s probably something else. The waiting isn’t nice but you will have your answers soon and hopefully some peace of mind xx

@Saddia it’s normal for symptoms to fluctuate and start to tail off towards end of first trimester so I wouldn’t worry about symptoms as such. I keep convincing myself my boobs have gone down lol when they haven’t. The % of miscarriage at 10 weeks is rather low so I’d suspect it’s possible hematoma causing the spotting at this stage. Xx

@Saddia sending lots of love, it can be so scary - my symptoms have started to reduce as well but i had my booking appointment and they said I should be just getting over the worst of it. She also said that many many women have spotting during pregnancy and a lot of times they csnt even identify why but it is normal and does NOT mean miscarriage. Seeing a healthy heat beat and being this far along the chances of miscarriage are about 2% so really low - I am sure everything is absolutely fine but because you have had a miscarriage before they should get you in quite quickly for a scan :) have you had your booking appointment? They gave me loads of numbers for local midwife/hospital on there xxx

I think it's the trauma of my past miscarriage which is causing me so much stress. Called the EPU but you have to leave a voicemail and they eventually call you back. Thank you for all your words of support. I will update once i manage to get in for a scan xx

Thinking of you xx

@Saddia sharing my experience as I went through this last weekend. Spotted - light brown- for 4 days! The midwife wasn’t worried but then had a tiny bit of clumping (say a finger nails amount) so called epau. However No cramps, no colour change, no change in consistency. After an agonising weekend they booked me in for a scan and all was fine. I also have reduced symptoms for a while- tbf I haven’t had any strong symptoms to begin with but they have tapered off (between 9-11 weeks). Obviously that was me and this is you but I can emphasise how stressful it is not knowing. In the meantime, hang tight, trust your body- especially if you’ve had a scan recently and if you’re not getting cramps and it’s not getting heavier this is a very good sign! Ps they didn’t give me a reason for the spotting but said they can’t see anything that would likely cause anymore. Good luck and stay strong!

Just an update. We had a private scan and thank goodness, baby is fine and there was a heartbeat. They can't work out what's causing the spotting or the cramping which is still ongoing but seeing a heartbeat has made me feel so Much better. They mentioned a fibroid i have is getting bigger but i've always been told this won't affect the pregnancy so can't say for sure what has caused the spotting. I have to monitor myself for 24 hours and call the EPU if the spotting and cramping get worse. Thank you all for your kind words.

@Saddia I'm so so glad all is okay and baby's heart is bearing strongly 💕 you're doing great mama 💪 xxx

Call your local early pregnancy unit. They will bring you in for a scan! X

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