Expressing on one side only…. 🤦‍♀️

Hey all! I’ve hit the 36 week mark and started expressing with hand / pump just to see what I can get. On my left side I’ve managed to get some colostrum out buuuuut, my right side has decided it’s not interested. Lol So far I’ve gotten around 10ml from the left, and a grand spanking total of 0m from the right. Anyone have a success story of this happening and then the lazy boob sorts itself out?? Tips or tricks are welcome! 😁
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Maybe try putting a warm face washer on your right boob as you may have a blockage. It happened to me and I did that and managed to get a good flow of colostrum. See if that helps. If not, you could always ask your midwife for some advice.

Warm heat pack and then I use a massage ball before trying each session. Apparently 1-2ml per side per day in prep is more than enough. So yay to your left side!

@Jessica that makes sense! I might do the face washer or a hot shower and see if it gives me any luck, thank you!

@Kimberly ohhh heat pack!! I didn’t even think about that. There’s one part on the right side that’s looking a little swollen so I might pop the heat pack there and see what happens. Thank you thank you!! :)

@Lauren honestly I was over the moon to see the first 2ml come out when I first tried it last night, and then this morning I thought I’d give it another go and it gave me 8ml all at once. Left side is definitely doing a good job of compensating for the slacker on the right hahah thank you! 😁

You go girl!!! That’s amazing! I just pumped and got 1.3ml out of both boobs. It’s probably the most I’ve gotten.

I just started 2 days ago and I will have a warm shower or bath before then I use the heat pack for a while on my boobs. The right is certainly giving more than the left and the left will take longer to produce any, how long are you doing it for? I find it takes a while to get going. Good luck xx

@Taylor I tried the heat pack last night with no luck, so I think a hot shower / bath is my next attempt! I’m going to stop trying with my left for a little so I can get the right to catch up too lol. I’m only going for like 5-10m - how about you?!

@Kayla I did 10 min each side this morning with the pump and filled 6 x 1ml syringes which I was super happy with!

Omg that’s awesome!, 6mls I’m just one pump!! Yay! I had a hot bath n the right one gave me it’s first 1ml tonight as a result so I’m stoked. Have you had any issue with pumping instead of expressing?? I had some cramps tonight after pumping and stopped because I was scared I was going to send myself into labour hahah

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