Anyone know if I can ask for another sweep before the one im due to have next week? I had one 2 days ago and since then I have been having contractions lost my mucus plug and bloody show etc, I have been to the hospital twice and they sent me home as im not dilating anymore. I'm absolutely exhausted because the pains are getting so much so do you think there would be a way of getting one sooner?
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You can have one every 48 hours so there’s no harm in asking. I had one Tuesday and going again today I just ready now x

@Charlotte do you know who to ask? Would it be the hospital x

Yes I would say so x

Are you full term

Can't see why not I had one Monday, one yesterday and if this one doesn't work I'm having another Sunday. It's my community midwife who had been doing them. Just get in contact with whoever did your first

Make some plans; go out for dinner, go to the cinema, book a massage, meet a friend for coffee. Babies seem to know when there’s something you want to do and decide that’s a good time to make an appearance! Good luck with your birth, I hope it all goes smoothly. Take the time to practice resting, little one will be here soon 💕

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