Covid positive after FET

Hello friends, So I had my very first ever FET on Wednesday with a high grade embryo. However I discovered that I have Covid on Thursday (yesterday) and am just really worried that it will stop implantation or damage the embryo if it does stick. I’m also on 5mg of prednisone, aspirin, progesterone, oestrogen and lovenox as I have an increased risk of miscarriage due to a gene mutation. I only have a sore throat and am a bit tired, but no other symptoms. Has anyone else had Covid in their tww? Do I just give up hoping that this transfer could be successful? Thank you so much 💚
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I test positive for COVID after my FET, since you’re technically 2 weeks pregnant you’re not allowed to drink any meds. I was fine and it didn’t interfere with the implant. I hope you feel better just rest up and stay hydrated 🙏🏻

Thank you for sharing Yossira! I some hope.

I had covid just after my 2ww, literally a day after I tested. Everything was ok x

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