Hi all I’m 21 weeks and still can’t feel any movements ? This is my first baby anyone else having the same ?
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Thank you all xxx

As its your first baby you may not feel much or anything until around 24+ weeks especially with a anterior placenta I'm 21+5 with 5th baby I have a anterior placenta and I've felt flutters at 16 weeks then nothing now I feel more movement very lightly you want to take notice around the side and bottom of your belly as that's where you will feel any movement once the baby gets bigger you will feel more movement Try not to worry its your first baby you will feel the baby move 🩷x

@Katie having a front facing placenta? No not at all. It’s just a different position of the placenta and means it acts like a cushion when baby kicks it we don’t feel it until it’s much bigger. x

Is it bad ? X

@Katie yes! At my 12 weeks I was told it was at the front so at the 20 weeks I asked if that meant anterior as I’d seen people say that word on here but wasn’t sure! She said yes it’s just the techy word for front!

Exactly the same here (with my second so thought I’d feel early but nope!) also have an anterior placenta and remember from last time too it does make it a bit more difficult to feel the movements. I didn’t worry really about super regular movements until I got to 28 weeks as they are still so little at the moment 💗

Same here at almost 21 weeks xx

Yes I was told my placenta was in the front is that anterior placenta ? X

Yes, I’m 21 weeks today with an anterior placenta. Been told by consultant it’s ok to not feel anything any time soon. X

Same here & 20.5 weeks. Don’t worry 😘

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