Low AMH - not sure what next step to take

Hi everyone, I’m 32 and have only been TTC for 3 months after a miscarriage in February at 7 weeks (this was an unplanned but very happy surprise pregnancy). I just had some fertility tests done and was told I have a lower than average follicle count (11 total) and low AMH levels (6.3). I was advised to consider IVF treatment to freeze embryos to plan ahead for future children, keep trying naturally for another 3 months and then consider IVF treatment for my first child if I hadn’t conceived naturally. I wanted to ask if anyone else had similar results/ similar levels and what path they chose? I am nervous about wasting time and my reserve deteriorating, but also feel like it’s quite dramatic to go straight to IVF. I have normal cycles, apparently a good womb/ uterus (!) and good hormone levels. Please does anyone have advice?
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If it was me I'd try naturally again. As ivf can be very grueling and expensive. Sorry for your loss. I am currently under ivf clinic in Athens they have done much more investigation than any UK clinics did. Found things that could affect pregnancy. Female Dr who was much more empathic. We spoke to 5 different consultants each said a different thing and different plan. So don't get too hung up on what they said as it's one person opinion. We found it hard who to believe as my new doctor said she has low AMH and is 43 and has two small children. X

I would say just keep trying and ask to be referred to the fertility clinic, they may not fund you for IVF straight away if you haven’t been trying long but just see what they say x

The waiting list with NHS can be a year or more. I have my fingers and toes crossed your you x

I started my journey when I was 30 in 2017 when my follicle count was 12 and my AMH was 7. I had 6 rounds of IUI (5 failed and 1 miscarriage) and 3 rounds of IVF, retrieving 27 eggs. None of which made it to day 5 blastocyst. I froze 1 embryo on day 3 and luckily that embryo stuck and I gave birth last month. It took me 6 years to conceive. If you can afford to then I would try IVF to plan ahead and continue to try naturally ♥️ Good Luck!

Low AMH alone is not a reason you can't conceive. It actually has no bearing on unassisted conceptions. You could go on to have multiple children without any problems and not need IVF at all.

Thanks so much for all your help ❤️ I’m going to get a second opinion and take it from there, and keep trying in the meantime!

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