Hi everyone. Hope you're all well and enjoying the lovely sunshine. Apologies for the long absence. Life takes over sometimes. How is everyone? What plans do you have for over summer? Go ahead, make me jealous with your holiday plans. Personally, I'm not going abroad anytime soon but hope to get away in late September or October for a week or 10 days
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Hi it’s been lovely…. I’ve just booked Munich in august and going to stay with a friend x

Never been to Germany. Must put it on the list...it's becoming quite a long wish list. Is there a particular reason for Munich or is it a new one for you too? I spent yesterday morning booking one that's been on the bucket list for some time. Was supposed to go to Mexico for my 50th in 2021 but with lockdowns and then life getting in way, we've not managed it yet. But all booked for next summer. Will try have a little week or so in Europe later in the year too. I'm off to Manchester Thursday to see Coldplay so excited for that too. Always good to have something to look forward to. Who else has plans?

I’ve just split with someone and my mate works out there and invited me along 👌

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