Teething Throes

Hi, my baby girl is newly 7 months and finally seems to be teething. She spiked a fever, would wake up screaming and whimpering at night, excessive drooling and very snotty nose. Her mood is normal though she's still so happy but just a lot more tired from interrupted sleep. I feel like we've been seeing the teething signs for months and now it seems we're in the thick of it but it's been 3 days now and i still don't see a damn tooth. How long does this misery for her last?? So hard to see her in pain and discomfort. We're also sleep deprived. Any advice? Yes she has teethers but she isn't interested in them for long periods of time.
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I freeze my wash cloths with breastmilk, it keeps my LO interested long enough for it to give him some relief!

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