I’ve had on off head aches since finding out I was pregnant, now 14+4 weeks, the headaches are starting to get me down, I feel exhausted all the time and keep getting these headaches which make my head feel so so heavy, any tips/advice? I didn’t have any of this with my first! Thankyou!
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Where about are your headaches? If they're in your forehead mainly I would contact triage to see if they're anything to be concerned about as I think that's a pre-eclampsia symptom

I’ve had bad headaches, I spoke to my doctor as I was worried about preaclampsia, she then said it was very rare to get that before 20 weeks, and just to take paracetamol and see if it helps, I’m not sure if this will help but definitely speak to doctors just incase xx

Thankyou will speak to a professional if they continue over next few days

I’ve been getting really bad headaches and migraines for the past few weeks and I’m 17+3 now. Doctor and Midwife have said they’re probably due to dehydration, maybe check you’re taking in enough water and then drink some more! Hope you feel better soon x

I get headaches too and I found out its cos my blood pressure is very low. I rang midwife yesterday, they told me it's very normal and that even some women flake out. She advised me to drink plenty of water (which I do) and me careful when getting up from sitting and sitting down when standing x

@Jenny my blood pressure was low at my consultant appointment, was also told to drink plenty of water so think it’s that

@Katie I drink at least 2 litres of water a day and I still get light headed/ headaches. My job involves standing alot so it dont help but got permission to sit down when I need it

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