Packing formula?

I’m hoping to use breast milk when baby is born, but should I take formula to the hospital incase it doesn’t work out for whatever reason? I don’t want to leave my baby with nothing to feed on!! also should I take my breast pump to the hospital? I have no idea what I’m doing 😂 What’s the best kind of affordable formula to take if I need to?
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Hey! Im in the same boat. Id like to breast feed or express for breast milk, however I’ll be buying formula for top up feeds for if im not producing enough or unable to breast feed at all! I don’t see why not to taking a breast pump! Always good to express, if you can, when baby isn’t feeding and store the milk. Alternatively, you may only be able to express because baby cannot latch on Good to have the options! A fed baby is a happy baby is literally how I’m looking at feeding 🥰

I know they give pumps from my last birth, also formula, but baby was in NICU. Not sure how it would have been if she wasn't. I'm thinking since they feed all patients, they should feed babies too.

I won’t be taking any formula with me. Planned on breastfeeding last time but was unable to and the hospital provided formula in the ready made bottles. I was also able to use a breast pump they supplied x

I am hoping to breast feed but have packed the premade formula bottles. They will be coming with me just in case.

You don’t need to take a pump. Milk doesn’t come in for days so colostrum is hand expressed, if needed the hospital generally has really good pumps. If you aim to breastfeed you don’t need to take formula. It will be provided if you’re unable to. You won’t be able to leave until baby is effectively feeding by whatever your chosen method is. X

My midwife has said my trust will supply me formula if my breast milk doesn’t seem to work

There’s the aptamil ready to feed with sterilised teets think I’ve only seen them at boots. Also have a look into colostrum harvesting you can syringe out colostrum around 37/38weeks ?? And then freeze in ziploc bags, when you’ve given birth you can get someone to bring that in for you Incase you’re having problems with latch etc. which is what I did ❤️ And their handy to have, it’s got lots of antibodies and great to give your baby when their poorly. I wouldn’t recommend pump as your milk will come in a few days later so it would be hard to get anything out.

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