Summer hats

Anyone got any tips on how to get LO to wear a bloody hat I don't want her head to burn in this heat I know you can buy scalp protection spray but just wanna make sure she's properly protected
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No help here, my youngest hates hats, i mean she's been playing with them putting them on herself but there is only certain amount of time before she takes it off and decides she doesn't want to wear it at all. Can't get ones that clip under the chin caz she just screams like its choking her 🙈 as an adult you can feel it so only can imagine how bad it can be on their wee heads x

Unfortunately I'm no help either my son 20 months won't wear hats anytime of the year he's really fair, and does catch sun so easily won't sit in a stroller or pushchair either when out and about so constantly in sun, he complains he's cold in the shade and shouts 🙈 I need advice too!!

Thanks for your responses, ladies. We go on holiday on holiday August so I was more worried about guess il just have to try the scalp protection spay. Xx

My LO hates hats and my husband got a bucket hat with a string off Amazon and my LO kept it on. They weren't expensive and I was shocked it actually stayed on.

@Lesley great thanks il have to try that x

My LG loves minnie mouse, so altho I dont really like logo clothes, I saw a minnie mouse hat set in primark...shes recently started saying Hat back to me so when I showed her a Minnie mouse hat she seemed excited and kept it on!!! Couldnt believe it because over winter she wouldnt wear a wolly for love nor money!

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