Anyones LO still have hardly any teeth?

Little girl is 12 months and still only has 2 teeth! Anyone else?
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Yep, my LB only has 2 teeth, he turned 1 on the 13th. Although I'm sure the top ones are on their way through...

My little one has no teeth and she turned one last weekend! X

Yep 2 bottom and one top started cutting through x

Yeah my LB only has two! It’s stressing me out 😂

My girl has only just got 4 teeth and she turned 1 on the 14th xx

My lil boy had 2 teeth come through about 4 months ago and he's 1 in less than 2 weeks! He's just started getting his top teeth through only ones popped through. I think they are def bothering him. My daughter came though so much quicker by his age. Someone I knew said their little One didn't have any until After 1! X

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