How do I say it nicely?

Since on maternity leave my FIL has left the stove on 4x and has set the fire alarm twice. One of those times my baby was napping while I quickly walked the dog about 3 houses down and when I stepped back in the house he had also left leaving the stove on! Another time baby and I were sleeping!! This is becoming very dangerous! And now If I step away to walk the dog I put my baby in the stroller so she can come with me. I have repeatedly told him that he needs to be more careful and he doesn’t seem to take it serious! The first time I brought it up he laughed it off and said he got distracted for a second! I have asked my partner to also talk to him because god forbid one day he sets the house on fire!
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It sounds like you already did say it nicely. Might have to be more firm this time.

I agree with Erica but i think your husband should set it very firmly with you there as it’s his dad

I think it’s time he doesn’t cook in your household, if it’s a memory thing repeating yourself isn’t gonna help

Tell them he is not allowed to use the stove

I’d ask him politely to see a doctor! Sounds like he could have a memory problem? :((( Regardless, not safe and therefore things need to be put in place for everyone’s safety

Just take the knobs off the stove. We had to do that when my grandma started showing signs of dementia. She had no problem doing other things around the house, but for some reason she kept leaving the fire on the stove on.

I have short term memory problems, and one of the things I struggled with was remembering to turn the stove off! One of the tips my therapist told me was to get a wrist lanyard and put a magnet on it. Stove goes on- lanyard goes on my wrist. If I walk around with the lanyard still on my wrist I know the stove is still on. It jingles and makes noise and makes it much harder to forget I have something on my wrist! Then I put it back on the stove with the magnet when I turn the stove off!

If it isn’t the stove the alarm itself is startling for a baby I’d be highly upset my baby can’t even nap. God forbid we wake up one day and the house is completely on fire he’ll care then huh

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