When is the best time to introduce my breastfed baby to expressed milk in a bottle?
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At 3 weeks I introduced one at night only x

We introduced the bottle at day 3. There is no best time really. Just when it's right for you and baby

I just don’t want him to prefer bottle but I suppose it happens

If you are going to both breast feed & bottle feed with expressed milk going forwards I was advised after 6 weeks so that you have enough time to establish breastfeeding. But equally, you have to do what works for you & your circumstances 😊

@Daphne did you find a specific type of bottle helped with avoiding nipple confusion? I’m hoping to do the same as you and not sure which bottles are best for the formula feed

We introduced a bottle on day 6 (she only took a Mam bottle). I still breastfeed and give formula 2-3 times per day and we’ve had no issues with nipple confusion xx

@Courtney no. We use mam, avent and tommee tippee and she is fine with all. Nipple confusion also only happens in about 1% of babies. What does happen more is flow preference as babies often have to suck less on the bottle, so they start to prefer the bottle because its less work. So, make sure you have the correct teat size for your little one and hold your baby more upright when bottle feeding because then the milk doesnt just drip out of the teat if that makes sense xx

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