Baby not engaged yet

So I had my 36 +1 appointment today and baby is head down (has been for the last 5ish weeks) but he’s still not engaged! He’s also measuring 1 week ahead for the first time the whole pregnancy. Is this something to be concerned about? Any tips/tricks to get baby engaged?
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I'm currently 36+5 weeks and had my appointment and is in the right direction and not engaged and she's measuring 2 weeks in front. I just walk as much as I can currently looking to get raspberry tea soon and a ball ro bounce on

If you’ve got a birthing ball then bouncing on that can help them engage, Kurb walking and sitting backwards on a dining chair all help open your pelvis up which can help baby move down into it. My baby wasn’t engaged either and I have a feeling she’s turned sideways by the way her movements feel but I’m getting induced in 6 days so really really need her to be head down still! But usually it isn’t a concern though. It still can be quite early for them to engage fully x

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