Breastfeeding mamas taking pain meds

Anyone else on heavier pain killers while breastfeeding? How long are you taking them for and are you doing anything different while on them in terms of feeding/supplementing with formula? Just curious because it has me on edge although it’s helping me get through the day to tend to myself and my daughter. I’m taking oxycodone along with ibuprofen and feeling sooo guilty about it. I started pumping and dumping a few hours after taking the medication and supplement that feeding session with formula- is what her pediatrician recommended. 8 days postpartum and taking meds 1x per day 5mg tablet.
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Uhhhh are you a first time mom

I was prescribed oxycodone after my c-section. I have not taken it but from what I understand it is not passed through the breast milk or at least not to the degree that it would impact baby.

@Hailey yep.

I was prescribed after my c section by my doctors at the hospital and it’s been fine. I don’t imagine they’d recommend I take it while they knew I was breastfeeding.

Personally I wouldn’t use anything stronger than ibuprofen or Tylenol mostly bc I have family members that have had addictions to oxy and percacets (ignore my spelling errors pls) also I’ve had drs refuse to even give me morphine if I’m exclusively breastfeeding which is always what I chose bc little ones in my family tend to have reactions to formula. Not sure what kind of dr would even offer a ftm anything stronger than reg pain killers unless you had a c-section or something. BUT I will say no judgement for listening to your healthcare provider but if you don’t feel comfortable taking it you do not have to continue it. I was supposed to take my ibuprofen for 14 days but only took it 6 bc it makes my stomach hurt no matter how much I eat before hand.

i took oxycodone and ibuprofen and antidepressants and my doctor said it was safe for me to give my baby my milk

It’s okay I take it nothing will happen

@Hailey what does it matter if you have had a c section or not and if you’re taking oxy or not? If you had a c section it would make it okay to take oxy, should you not breastfeed then? I’m confused

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