Hey mums wonder if anyone can help..!

I use to receive council tax reduction which I paid approx £22 per month. However since I’ve started working ONLY 8 hours a week on only £10 an hour I am no longer eligible and have to pay approx £89 per month!! Has anyone else experienced this and is this right? I also receive Universal Credit. Any advice appreciated thanks xx
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Yes it's because your working the same happened to me, if you Google your local council it should tell you about the new scheme in regards to uc and council tax. Frustrating as they didn't pre warn me at the time x

Thank you, what does the new scheme explain

Tbhbi can't recall. But when I was on mat leave etc obviously in their eyes I was earning and working so I was paying £89 , now I'm not as I decided not to return my payments are £24 a month. However each council is different but if you call them you could out s payment plan in place to spread the cost of struggling

@Elle (i can't see waves) ok I see, thank you 😊

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