Umbilical doppler abnormality

Anyone else experience this issue at a growth scan? My ob called me this morning to tell me about results from yesterday's scan and that one of my babies had a higher than normal reading on the umbilical cord blood (pressure). Basically can mean a bunch of things but more commonly placental insufficiency. Anyone ever have this and baby was OK? Did you have to deliver early?
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My baby is one year old so I don’t recall the exact words but I was told the blood flow in my cord was a bit low and my baby had fetal growth restriction . I had growth scans every week and I was induced at 37 weeks . Gave birth to a 5 pound baby that had no trouble catching up on weight. Now she is a 15 month almost 30 pound baby .

@Asha that's reassuring to hear! Thanks for sharing :)

I had degastional hypertension, and due to that, my cord pressure was too high. My son wasn't getting the nutrients through my cord, and his growth rate slowed down. I ended up going on high blood pressure tablets, weekly scans, and blood/urine tests. He was induced at 38 weeks. He was a small bubba, but now he's a healthy 16-month-old boy.

Obs doc here. If the growth is normal and the flow is all in the right direction but pressure a bit high then we'd normally keep an eye on it with weekly scans and aim to get to at least 37-39 weeks before delivering. Main thing foe you to watch out for is movements. Any concerns about movements then contact your hospital/maternity unit straight away. Xx

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