My baby is 17 days old and is pooping every other day did start with a couple a day, today though is day 2 and nothing. When she has pooped it’s loose and passed easy. Just wondering if this is normal for them to go a couple of days with out a bowl motion. She’s also formula fed?
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My baby is like this, formula fed also :) Midwife said it was normal :) my baby didnt go for nearly 3 days and when did was the normal yellow stuff :) Little one is not in any discomfort or showing bloated belly, i just make sure i do bicycle legs and tummy massages in case :) my little one is 19 days 'x

It's OK for breast fed babies to go 2 weeks without pooing. I'm not sure normal for formula babes x

@Louiise ohh perfect, I’m doing bicycle and tummy massages too. Sometimes it’s helped straight away but today seems to be nothing. She’s also not fussing when I touch her tummy or anything like that but wasn’t sure if it was normal. I may just phone the midwife at the hospital or drop my health visitor a message tomorrow if she doesn’t poop by tomorrow night. My first daughter pooped 2-3 times a day so I’m a bit like what’s normal what’s not x

@Hannah ohh couldn’t imagine going that long bless them x

She pooped at half 3 this morning then thought it would be fun to stay up for a hour. I’m shattered haha x

Woohoo!! I bet you felt relieved! My little woke up st 6 for a bottle, he normally goes back to sleep till 9/10 ish but not today 😴 x

@Louiise I did apart from her then been awake for about a hour she was just so chilled, she’s had another too. I’m running on about 4 hours sleep with a 18 day old and a 19 month old haha Awww bless him. Been a busy morning for you then x

Try giving your baby the ready made formula of the milk you use, like the ones you take into hospital where it’s a slightly thinner texture it helps them to go it’s just there body’s getting used to everything apparently Xxx

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